Big Boobs = great cleavage?

There’s something so erotic about woman’s cleavage that guys can’t keep their eyes off of it when they see it. It’s been said that those breasts squeezed together awaken a primitive instinct in the men, reminding them of woman’s buttocks and getting them sexually aroused. Therefore it’s no wonder we want not only touch those boobs, but insert our dicks between those tits. And the thing is the best looking cleavage comes from big boobs. Only big or medium sized boobs make possible exposing the cleavage in the most erotic way. Women with smaller breasts can still of course use some tricks to make their tits appear larger and create some kind of big breasts illusion by pushing up their boobs in the bra, using a push-up bra or even inserting some stuff under the bra to gain a nice looking cleavage. But still, when the clothes come off, a big boobs lover will be much disappointed after finding out the real size of his girl’s breasts. Naturally not only big boobs are sexy, small and medium sized have lots of fans too. And if the small size is really and issue there’s always solutions to that - like special gels and creams or even plastic surgery.

Watching lesbian sex and introducing it into your life

What’s so great about lesbians you ask? To me is one of the hottest pervesion on the planet. Being taboo, and unnatural to some, is just one of the things that makes it so exciting. If you’re a fan of naked ladies, then seeing more than one girl giving pleasure in all kinds of way to another and also getting great amount of pleasure herself, is just a sight to be remembered. I’ve seen a lot of lesbian videos and only sometimes you can see that the women are really into each other. First step of recognising a real lesbian is the kissing, straight women would try not to kiss at all or they do it very reluctantly. But when you see tongue in action and the kissing lasts for at least half a minute then we’ve got something good. Then comes the closeness of two women - if they really enjoy lesbian sex they constantly want as much of their body touch the other woman as possible. And real lesbians naturally can’t wait to lick, suck and kiss every part of their partner’s body as much as they can. I personally prefer lesbian sex without the use of sex toys - dildos and vibrators make the sex look like one woman is replacing a man during the love making. But the whole beauty of the lesbian experience is not pretending to be someone else, but just make use of all the female advantages like tenderness, softness, and the best knowledge of woman’s body. There’s no need for a dick replacement then, one woman can get the other to orgasm using just what the nature gave her - her tongue, fingers or even feet. Another advantage of watching lesbians in actions is you know you’re the only man there/watching and can imagine yourself right there between the hot ladies without some other guy taking your place. Additionally watching lesbian clips can be very educational and improve your sexual skill - seeing how a girl gets another girl off can you teach you new techniques and make the sex much better for both you and your woman. So that’s what I love about lesbian sex. Before you stop reading here’s one more real life tip: if you want to seduce two straight women and convince them to be a part of a threesome you need 2 things: a lot of wine and then when they’re relaxed start massaging one of them and ask the other to join in and help you. I’m sure if you’re smooth enough you can take things from there and make it an unforgettable night!

Improving your cumshot

I’ve seen a video once where a guy sat down and was cumming for like a minute, the sperm flow was endless, I wondered how the hell he could do it for so long. Cumshots can be various, the sperm can be less or more thick, more or less white and the cumshot can last for just 5 seconds or much longer than that. Don’t worry if your cumshots aren’t the way you’d want them to be, the most important thing is that you and your partner feel good while it lasts, but you can also improve your cum’s look by using a proper diet. So I recommend you look it up.

I’m sure there’s a shemale you’d find attractive

Shemale lovers are attracted to these men who dress up to be women, but with penises. Some of them like when a shemale has both a dick and boobs so they can experience something quite different. But unlike transvestites shemales aspire to become women both mentally and physically, often risking difficult surgeries to make their bodies have all the womanly features or as be as similar to them as possible. Only rarely can the shemale be unrecogniseable and a relationship without telling the shemale’s true sex would be impossible, since sex will immediately expose the real gender.

Shemales - freaks or mistakes of nature?

Shemales are people that were born men, but feel inside that they’re really women trapped in a guy’s body. They try to live their lives acting as ladies, wearing women’s clothes, make up and trying to hide any signs of their masculinity. It’s a hard job to achieve, even after surgical procedures one can often recognize that this is a shemale and not someone born as a woman. But fortunately for the shemale community there are some men and women that are attracted to shemales the way they are, so they don’t have to hide their true sex and still be desired by people.

Noticing beauty in nude male body

Nude male body can be as beautiful as one belonging to a woman. All the curves on the arms and legs and ass, the greatly developed chest and abs and muscles everywhere shining from oil spread across them - they all make nude males a fantastic view. Besides wanting to see amazingly build men who spent their lives in a gym there’s also a requirement for celebrities. Seeing famous actors like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt or singers like Justin Timberlake without their clothes on is a dream of great number of girls. So there’s no doubt that nude male body has some magic in it.

Do you like looking at a nude male?

When a girl looks at her boyfriend’s body she might not think that’s the best one she knows. There are many nude male models to be found in the media whose muscles surpass your average Joe’s. Seeing those sexy shaped arms, legs, biceps and chests make many women weak in their knees. And then there’s the issue of dicks of course. When looking for nude male pics or videos the dick sizes of some of them are amazing, making her want them inside of her pussy. It’s simple to find some nude male photos and vids on the Internet, just type what you’re searching for in a search site.

Finding pleasure in gay sex

Gay sex is all about two men having sex with each other. Since there’s no vagina involved they have to use their asses, mouths and hands to give their partner pleasure. They can lick, suck, kiss, squeeze and pull each other’s dicks to achieve orgasm. They build up an intense intimacy and know best how to give another man satisfaction, since they know a man’s body very well - they are born with it. So it’s no wonder a guy knows where and when to touch another boy in order to make sex very pleasurable. That’s why some men consider gay sex better than straight sex.

Gay sex - very different, is it for you?

While most of men and women find gay sex gross and can’t stand looking at it, there are some people who love watching two men fucking each other in every hole of their bodies. Kissing and fondling another guy is a view that appeals to some. Seeing them make love in the shower, the bed, couch or in the car, giving blowjobs to one another and having anal sex is all that gay sex fans want to see. It is a very intense experience and if you have the tolerance and you’re open minded for this kind of sex stuff then check out some gay sex pics and videos.

Which of the erotic uniforms is right for you?

There are plenty of different sex uniforms available in many sex shops. To just name a couple there are: policeman uniforms, soldier, fireman, nurse, doctor, nun, vampire, knight, princess or lately popular elf. The choice is quite large, giving you and your partner a way to express their hidden desires and become a new person. It might appear that putting this outfit is only like putting another set of clothes, but in reality it lets you hide behind it and be brave enough to act sexually the way you always wanted but was afraid of. Getting some uniforms can really improve your sex life.

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